Prove it.


It’s easy to say you can deliver a product. Having a satisfied customer back you up can make all the difference. If you’ve got existing reviews on your website there’s a few solutions to help communicate these in video form.

HOURLY RATES from $180/hr

Know what you need shot? We’ll provide crew to capture your content.

A modular option allowing for content planning, pre-production, production, post-production, and media asset sourcing.
Excludes venue hire costs.


Custom packages to suit your project. Includes production, crew, post-production, revisions and digital media transfer.


Already shot your content? We can use our editing magic to put all the finishing touches on your video.

Customer Stories
Storytelling is the best way to communicate a message. Use your client stories to tell future customers that you can be trusted in confidence. 

Case Studies
These are great for businesses who want to prove that they deliver upon promises. Showcasing before & after statistics, work, and customer experience will help push your prospects down the funnel and increase coversion.


We’re not the biggest production company in Australia, which is exactly why you should trust us with your project. You can expect the production experience of a large company with the service of a small one.
You’ll have a dedicated success manager and close contact with your production crew throughout the whole process to make sure that you’re looked after. 

“The only time I set the bar low is for limbo” – Michael Scott

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