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MCI Achieve

Our client, MCI, needed a series of videos communicating the relationships between their students and mentors. These videos were to be used in a marketing campaign as well as on their website.

Customer Stories – Profile What Your Customers Say About You, Introduce Who You Are & What You Do.

We were approached to create three customer story videos that endorsed MCI’s Institute, Achieve, and Solutions arms. MCI needed us to assist with cinematography, production management for multiple interstate shoots, and post-production.

The turnaround from pre-production through to final delivery was 30 days.

December 2021


3x Testimonial Videos (Customer Stories), approximately 1-3min Duration, shot in 4K

Project Required:

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ELEV8 CEO Nate Kellock headshot
Nate Kellock
Creative Director
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Darmon Moore
Untitled design (3)
Darmon Moore
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Daniel Pearson
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Leah Projevski
Videographer / Photographer

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