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Conference Live Streaming – You’ve put all this effort into organising an amazing event. Why not consider live streaming as a way to share the experience and show off your hard work?

We provide a full production crew to shoot, live stream, and create content to show people what they’re missing. Don’t need all of that? Scroll down to see our modular packages.


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Whats The Difference?

Our Studio Director, Nate Kellock, explains the difference between a Live Stream and Live Broadcast. He’ll discuss tech, platforms and capabilities.

Watch this short video to find out what’s the best option for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about Conference Live Streaming? Find some answers below.

Why Should I Use Live Streaming?

If your messages require immediate engagement then Live Streaming is for you. The biggest benefit of going live is the ability to respond to audience questions in real time.

Can I Capture the Live Stream and Post It Later?

You can definitely have a copy of your live stream. We can record the entire stream as a backup in addition to whatever platform you stream to. 

Are There Risks Involved in Live Streaming?

Yes. As with any live broadcast there is an element of risk; internet drop out, mistakes on-air, techincal difficulties. However, we have contingencies in place to ensure that we can keep the show going in one way or another!

Can I Live Stream to Multiple Platforms?

Yes! We have access to live streaming tech that allow us to send your live stream to multiple platforms at once. Ask to speak with a Success Manager for more info.

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A Few Things to Consider

There are many moving parts to conference live streaming, each with their own requirements. Here are some of the different components included in the packages above:


In today’s environment we’re used to being online. Live Streaming is an increasingly popular method of experiencing an event, allowing for attendees who’ve missed out on the in-person event to share the same experience from home.


We’re not rocking up with a webcam. We will have multiple camera angles capturing every aspect of your event, including a roaming camera to enhance the Live Streaming experience and offer that “TV” feel.


Our editors will select the best videos and shots from the coverage, creating a high-energy compilation to showcase the success of your live streaming event. This is great for promotion of future events (see above for an example).


We will edit together a series of short videos that can be used on social pages. These are useful for recapping the day, generating interest, and to offer attendees the experience to relive the live streaming event.

Graphic Overlays

Our team will create custom graphic overlays to enhance the look of your Live Streaming Event. These can include logos, title screens, sponsors, segment bumpers and more. These can either be static (still) or have motion (animated). Check out what we mean by watching this quick video.

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Why Us?

We’re not the biggest production company in Australia, which is exactly why you should trust us with your project. You can expect the production experience of a large company with the service of a small one. You’ll have a dedicated success manager and close contact with your production crew throughout the whole process to make sure that you’re looked after.


Our expanded network means we can offer live streaming content throughout Australia. We’re based in Sydney, however we can perform our video production, conference live streaming, photography, and podcasting services wherever you need.


Know exactly what you want? Maybe it’s corporate video production, or a conference live streaming for your event, or a Webinar from your Sydney office. If you know what, when, and where, you can easily book with our online system! Prefer to speak with a human? Call one of our Success Managers instead.


Planning is critical in a live streaming event keeping your audience entertained. Making sure our crew is prepared and briefed is paramount to your success.

You’ll have a dedicated Producer who will work with you to create a run sheet, ensuring your event coverage goes according to plan. 


Your dedicated live streaming Producer will ensure your run sheet is adhered to, onboard guests with a technical briefing, and give friendly guidance on what they can expect to experience.

Our production crew will configure, test and prepare for action using our specialist equipment.


Our editors will begin the process of compiling the footage into a hype reel and social snippets to showcase the day – this material is great for promoting future events.

Live Streaming is a great opportunity to monetise the captured content. You could onsell videos to attendees or create promotional content to attract sponsors


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