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A Professional Live TV Broadcast

Professional Live Broadcast – Think, TV with all the bells and whistles!

Compared to its younger (and cheaper) sibling, Live Streaming, a live broadcast can be done anywhere. It uses an independent broadcasting network instead of fixed broadband. The perfect solution if you want to broadcast outdoors or from a secure network.


Streaming vs. Broadcasting

Why choose a Live Broadcast over a Live Stream? What’s more appropriate for you?


Live Streaming is an increasingly popular method of experiencing an event, allowing for attendees who’ve missed out on the in-person event to share the same experience from home. It uses a more compact setup which is a good budget friendly option.


Compared to a Live Stream, a Live Broadcast can be done anywhere. It uses an independent broadcasting network instead of fixed broadband. The perfect solution if you want to broadcast outdoors or from a secure network.


If your venue has a fixed broadband connection that meets our ideal technical standards (6-10mbps upload speed), we can connect to your network and stream using our compact equipment configuration. 


We establish a secure broadcast connection using a bonded cellular encoder/transmitter with 4 independent network signals. Guaranteed upload speeds and connection, preconfigured to transmit at 720p HD. Want to play it safe? This is your option.


We use an efficient, professional, and compact equipment configuration driven by HDMI connectivity, that can handle small scale Live Streaming projects to social media channels.

The major limitation is proximity of our cameras to our control room – must be within 10 metres. If you need a roaming camera on a stage, broadcasting might be your best bet.

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Let us upgrade the production value and capabilities of your project by using our advanced live broadcast equipment configuration. 

Increase the possibilities with 4 seperate connectivity providers, up to 8 video inputs, wireless roaming cameras, unlimited multimedia playbacks and so much more.

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What’s The Difference?

Our Studio Director, Nate Kellock, explains the difference between a Live Stream and Live Broadcast. He’ll discuss tech, platforms and capabilities.

Watch this short video to find out what’s the best option for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about Live Broadcasting? Find some answers below.

Why Should I Use A Live Broadcast?

Security, Reliability, Assurance. Broadcasting is modular configuration driven by advanced hardware, as opposed to a price sensitive software driven streaming configuration.

Broadcasting is a more reliable option than streaming for more complex projects and larger audiences.

Can I Create a Private Live Broadcast?

Yes. Rather than going live on social media platforms, we can use a white label platform to broadcast your content.

It is possible to generate a shareable link (similar to Google Meet or ZOOM) prior to your broadcast commencement. 

Are There Risks Involved in Live Broadcasting?

Yes. While we’re confident in our advanced configuration from a technical point of view, as with any live broadcast there is an element of risk; mistakes on-air, difficulties with live demonstations, human error, etc.

The key is preparation and planning. Careful scripting, rehearsing, run sheets, and contingencies.

Can I Broadcast to Streaming Platforms?

Yes! We have access to live streaming tech that allow us to send your live stream to multiple streaming platforms at once. 

Note: Depending on your chosen platform (e.g. LinkedIn, YouTube Facebook) a shareable link is created upon commencing a live transmission.

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Why Us?

We’re not the biggest production company in Australia, which is exactly why you should trust us with your project. You can expect the production experience of a large company with the service of a small one. You’ll have a dedicated success manager and close contact with your production crew throughout the whole process to make sure that you’re looked after.


Our expanded network means we can offer live streaming content throughout Australia. We’re based in Sydney, however we can perform our video production, conference live streaming, photography, and podcasting services wherever you need.


Know exactly what you want? Maybe it’s corporate video production, or a conference live streaming for your event, or a Webinar from your Sydney office. If you know what, when, and where, you can easily book with our online system! Prefer to speak with a human? Call one of our Success Managers instead.


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