Get Creative With It

Can’t get to the location you want? Let some studio magic take care of it.

Green Screen 

The main purpose for using a green screen is to incorporate special effects into your production. This could anything from adding an artificial background setting to complex VFX scenes (laser beams, fire balls, and other fun stuff).

HOURLY RATES from $180/hr

Know what you need shot? We’ll provide crew to capture your content.

A modular option allowing for content planning, pre-production, production, post-production, and media asset sourcing.
Excludes venue hire costs.


Custom packages to suit your project. Includes production, crew, post-production, revisions and digital media transfer.


Already shot your content? We can use our editing magic to put all the finishing touches on your video.

Need an exotic location? Done.
Looking for a News Broadcast style setting? Sorted.
Really love the colour green? Well, have we got a treat for you.

Change your background to suit the event. We can incorporate real props like desks or plants to make the setting pop and stand out from your competition.

Using green screen tech allows producitons to be run at lowers costs when compared to shooting in difficult to access locations. A screen and lights in your location tends to be cheaper than flights and a hotel for crew.

A PRODUCTION COMPANY YOU CAN TRUST We’re not the biggest production company in Australia, which is exactly why you should trust us with your project. You can expect the production experience of a large company with the service of a small one.
You’ll have a dedicated success manager and close contact with your production crew throughout the whole process to make sure that you’re looked after. 

“The only time I set the bar low is for limbo” – Michael Scott

Ready to go? Let’s do it.