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Video Sales Letter (VSL)

Create A Video Sales Letter, Introduce your brand, build more trust. Get excited, you’re about to make the last production enquiry you’ll ever need.


We were tasked to create a Video Sales Letter for our client, Equity Story. Opting for a comfortable set and piece to camera with professional talent to really drill the message home.

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Video Sales Letter – Your Opportunity To Pitch Directly To Your Targeted Audience. Encourage The CTA.

Our client, Equity Story, needed an urgent high quality VSL for a new marketing campaign promoting a limited offer. They required us to source professional talent, cinematography, post production, and captioning services.

We provided a creative director as well as a production assistant to ensure script accuracy. 5 day turnaround.

February 2022


1x VSL (Video Sales Letter), Piece to camera (PTC) approximately 7-10min Duration, shot in 4K

Project Required:

We work closely with you to make video Production easy.
ELEV8 CEO Nate Kellock headshot
Nate Kellock
Creative Director
Untitled design (3)
Darmon Moore
Untitled design (3)
Darmon Moore
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Equity Story are just fantastic, not only have they got an awesome product they are super chilled and we can’t wait to work with them again.

What you Get Working with Us

We're looking for partnerships, not customers.


If you fail to plan, plan to fail. We prepare our videographers to expect the unexpected. ELEV8 is a fully mobile studio.


Our crew of videographers and cinematographers have decades of combined experience under their belts.


Our van is bursting at the seams with videography gear. With equipment for every job under the sun, we’ve got it covered.


Surprises are no stranger to us. Our videographers can adapt to any situation – some are even ex-gymnasts. Very flexible.


We’ll be with you from beginning to end of your production. If you have questions, comments, or demands we’ll be listening.


No bark, no bite. Our videographers are really nice. That’s it.


632 days since our last missed call. We’re ready to help with your every need. Our Success Managers are machines, not bots.


We’ll treat your production like it’s our first born. Need convincing? Just ask one of the guys about lenses. They’ll chew your ear off.

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Video Sales Letter

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