Policy & Procedures

In light of recent global precautions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic ELEV8 Production Studio want to make it clear that your safety is our top priority.

Effective as of 20th April a digital contactless thermometer has been installed in our studio.

All staff rostered to work are required to have a temperature reading of 37’ or below in order to enter the studio. Anyone with a reading above 37’ is being instructed to seek medical advise and will not be allowed in the studio under any circumstances.

Despite every precaution the number one preventative measure continues to be social distancing and this is being enforced without exception.

Here are some of the ways we are keeping our clients and staff safe;
• Contactless temperature checks. (Temperatures must be below 37′)
• Hand sanitiser is available.
Non essential employees are working remotely.
• 1.5m Social distancing is being enforced.
• A maximum of 6 people are allowed in the studio at any one time providing 10sqm per person.
• Please refrain from contact at all times.
• Anyone who believes to be sick, has travelled in the last 14 days or had contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 will not be let into the studio. Please confirm this with all your guests and team.
• A digital locking system has been installed on the studio front door to prevent unauthorised access.
• We have increased our cleaning schedule to ensure that the microphones, headphones as well as other high touch areas are now also disinfected in between recordings.

Internally we have implemented a sickness policy;
• Employees are rostered in set crew configuration, the team maintain 1.5M distancing at all times.
• Employees with symptoms or who are sick or have an elevate risk of falling ill will be required to self-isolate for 14 days.• Employees who have shown symptoms will only be permitted to return to work when they have been given medical clearance to do so.

Management Protocols (in the unlikely event of exposure); 
• Self-isolation will be implemented immediately.
• Face masks will be issued to those believed to be at risk.
• COVID-19 Hotline will be contacted by a senior management and further instruction will be provided.

We honestly believe that we are all in this together, we appreciate the important role we have as a communication platform and this is now, more than ever, vital to keep the economy moving forward in these times of uncertaintly. 

The team here at ELEV8 are closely monitoring the advice of the world health organisation and Australia’s chief medical officer. If we use what we have discussed, we can make sure that your session is enjoyable, effective but most importantly it’s safe.